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After some relaxing holdidays, I figured it was about time now to get up to speed with the latests stuff that was happening in the jBPM space.

So, while strolling the jBPM user forum I found a post by Ronald van Kuijk (who else did you expect?) telling the world about a great blog about jBPM… It seems that one of our valued jBPM community members, Mauricio Salatino aka salaboy21, has been writing great jBPM articles for half a year now without one of us noticing it or finding it through some random Google inquiry.

Mauricio’s blog certainly contains some valuable material for every jBPM user out there. I’m dead serious here and I’m really sad I haven’t located it earlier. The only downside is that the articles are written in Spanish … but as Ronald states, using Google translate and a bit of imagination the articles are actually very readable.

Most of the articles are aimed at those who want to discover jBPM. In my point of view, they are among the best tutorial articles for jBPM out there. I only wish I had them while I was learning jBPM.

I’ll try to digest the articles (with Google translate run over them) in the following list. I willl not mention all of his articles here, but only those I foud valuable for myself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give the others a look!

So, happy reading … and give the man the page hits he deserves!

  • Sala’s first post about jBPM. Describes the basic constructs about jBPM/JPDL. Worth a read if you’re just starting you jBPM adventure.
  • Installing jBPM + GPD on a linux machine.
  • Must read about what you get when you download the jBPM distribution. I repeat, must read I’ve you want to do some serious jBPM work.
  • A tutorial on creating a simple JPDL process. Great for those that want to know jBPM from a developer’s point of view. This is the kind of blog post I wanted to write ever since I’ve started my blog but I’ve never got to it. Oh well, saves me the trouble now ;-).
  • If you ever need a definition about jBPM or need to explain the framework to business people: this page and also this page are the places to go!
  • Explanation how the jBPM Configuration class can be used to create/drop the database schema. Altough I’ve used this feature quite some times, but I didn’t knew it was unusable in the enterprise version.
  • Some more concepts explained: the difference between Task type nodes and nodetype nodes. Also swimlanes are conceptually explained.
  • Informative analysis of the source code of the start-state node.
  • Analysis of the Node class. Nothing spectacular here, but informing if you want to dive into the jBPM source (and you should).
  • Decision vs fork nodes: I had expected another analysis, but he stays on the conceptual level here. Explaining the fork/join node implementation would be interesting though, since it contains some complex parent-child constructs.
  • Article about changing the persistency store of the jBPM engine. Almost obsolete if you’re not using the enterprise version. In the end, contains some information about changing the Hibernate config (which is the same for the non-enterprise version). But then again, if you didn’t know this, you shouldn’t be coding jBPM but learning Hibernate instead.
  • Well worth read about variable instances and its mappings. The explanation is good, but I don’t see a use case for custom variable mappings. I think that these ‘special variables’ should be avoided when possible and Hibernate domain objects/serializable objects should be used instead. Don’t put ‘knowedge’ into the process instance but use reference keys instead. However, since custom vars are possible in jBPM, I could be completely wrong 😉
  • The post about ‘dynamic tasks’ surprised me since it explains the same implementation I used when facing this problem, but here uses the ‘create-tasks’ attribute. I don’t know why I hadn’t used this attribute, but I should have. Never old too learn something new  guess…
  • Post about integrating Drools rules into jBPM. I had a hard time following the text, but that could be just me.

As you can see, already quite the list. I certainly hope (and I’m quite sure) it’ll grow even more in te future.

And if that wasn’t enough already for today, jBPM-guru Ronald van Kuijk has decided to start his own blog called PlanetjBPM. Most of you jBPM users will have seen Ronald in action, since he basically *is* the jBPM user forum. I’m glad he finally got his own blog now. I only hope he still finds the time for answering all the questions now he’ll be writing blogpost…

As always, thanks for reading!


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