Bridging the Gap: jBPM goes web-based modeling

I’m sure many of you out there are already as excited as we are about the upcoming jBPM4.0 GA release. But life and certainly the IT industry isn’t going to stop once it hits the shelves and we’re already looking on how we can improve jBPM4 to become the number one BPM platform for every BPM need.

That’s why Tom and I travelled last week to the ‘Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI)‘ in Potsdam (Germany) after an invitation by the people behind Oryx: the guys from Signavio and the ‘Business process Technology Group‘ at HPI, to discuss how we could do a collaboration.

At HPI, they are working for some time now on the Oryx platform, which is an extremely fancy web-based modeling tool supporting many modeling languages. Oryx has been open source for quite some time now, but integrating with it was hard to do. Recently however, the spin-off company Signavio was created by some founding members of Oryx (you might know some of them of the BPMN book I reviewed recently). The last couple of months, both HPI and Signavio have invested heavily in integrating Oryx with jBPM4 JPDL. And I must say, the result was simply stunning and extremely impressive.

In the meeting, it was decided that Oryx will be shipped as part of the jBPM distribution, and both HPI and Signavio will continue to improve and invest on the platform. This means that in the very near future, business analists can model straight from their browser (no Eclipse install anymore!), developers can sync the models with the Oryx repository and do the technical part. The Gap-less world between business and IT is coming closer as we speak.

In the mid term, this could fit really well with the existing JBoss strategy around JBoss DNA and Guvnor. Once it’s integrated in jBPM, we’ll be actively looking into integrating all of these components together

Be sure to keep an eye out for further anouncements in the coming weeks!

Ow yeah, do give Oryx a quick try, it’s addictive 😉


  1. Andries June 24, 2009


  2. chibsta July 9, 2009


    When can we expect jbpm to be shipped with Oryx? This is fantastic work!

  3. Joram Barrez July 9, 2009

    We’re aiming for the next release (4.1) to have a first integration. The goal is to have tighter integration (ie repository-wise) in the releases after that.

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