Custom Business Intelligence reporting with jBPM4 (‘What’s new’ part 5)

People who have tried the new jBPM4 web console will have noticed that there is a ‘reporting’ tab which renders two reports that are shipped with the jBPM4 distribution.

But few people know that these reports are in fact completely customizeable. We have deliberately included only a few reports in the distribution, because we believe that no business process report is valuable without custom business domain data. Using the Eclipse BIRT tooling, it is possible to take a look at the report templates we ship in the distribution. These reports can then be easily customized or completely new reports can be created.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the features of BIRT when you try it out the first time, BIRT has some excellent tutorials which will get you going quickly. Once you tasted the power of BIRT, you’ll be creating hi-quality reports in no time! After all, it’s not a coincidence that BIRT is an industry-leading tool for reporting.

In the upcoming jBPM 4.1 release we have included 2 new sample report templates. One report is actually used in the 4.1 console and the other one serves as an example of a report with a custom input form. Once JBPM-2453 is fixed, the second template will also be included in the distribution (probably jBPM 4.2).

Click on the picture below to see a very small demo of the new jBPM4 report templates which are shown in Eclipse BIRT and in the jBPM web console. The demo also shows that starting some new process instances will change the report generated by the console.



  1. erics August 24, 2009

    Again, loving these valuable peeks under the hood of jBPM v4, keep them coming! 😉

  2. Paul Clenahan August 25, 2009

    FYI, there is also a lot of great information and tutorials on using BIRT at

  3. joshua November 11, 2011

    Hi all
    Please, I want to know if this reporting tool would perform well with alfresco jbpm integrated engine; by the way I couldn`t find which version of jbpm engine does alfresco use, and if the version matters.

    Thanks in advance.

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