Speaking at JDD09 and Devoxx

After a marvellous honeymoon in Indonesia, it is now time to get back to my second love. The jBPM 4.2 release is quite close around the corner and Tom already showed me some nifty new features which you will definitely like. Be sure to keep an eye on our blogs to be the first to know when we unleash 4.2.

Also, in the next month, Tom and I will be talking about jBPM4 at two big conferences:

This Friday (16 October) we will be in Krakow, Poland, presenting ‘Pimp your domain model with jBPM‘ as the Keynote of the Java Developers Day 09.

I’ve never been to Poland before, so I’m quite curious to meet the Polish jBPM users and see the country. More information about our talk can be found on the JDD website.

Next month, from 16 to 20 November, it is once again time for the Nirvana of European Java Conferences. Yes, I’m talking about Devoxx. It makes my Belgian heart more than proud, to see what Stephan Janssens always manages to organize in our little country.

The last couple of years, I’ve always been lurking around as an attendant, but this year a childhood dream comes true. Together with Tom, I’ll be presenting two talks (one University and one Conference talk) and one BOF at Devoxx. I will make sure the talks will be worth the trip to Antwerp! See the Devoxx website for more information about the talks.

So, I certainly hope to meet you at one of these conferences. If you have any feedback for us, or you just are in the neighbourhood and want to have a little chat, don’t hesitate to come up to us. We are more than eager to meet the community people!

Of course, between the conferences we will not sit still and keep working at the world’s greatest BPM engine … Stay tuned!

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