JDD09 Krakow report

Last week, Tom and I found ourselves in Krakow, Poland for a jBPM4 presentation at the Java Developers’ Day 2009.

Of course, as the tradition requires we could not board the plane without some Starbucks magic juice in our veins.

The JDD conference and organisation really impressed me. The location, infrastructure, food and audience were of top-notch quality. Or perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they managed to get the most … interesting Polish ladies as boothbabes …

Anyway, we were scheduled as the opening keynote session. The next pictures gives an impression of the setup: 3 *huge* screens in a huge hall filled with 400+ Polish developers. Awesome! (By the way, on the pictures you can see Mark Richards, which was scheduled after our talk). Since the session was recorded and photographed several times, I’ll have better material soon.

Our talk was received very well. The technical level of the audience and the presentation was spot-on, which made it interesting for both sides. We used the train ticket demo, which I described in my previous posts. We also used the ‘one-minute-movie‘ which was received with a loud applauding when we ticked off at 57 seconds 🙂

You can find the complete presentation here:

We really had a great time. The friendly people of JDD can ask us anytime to do a talk again!

We also managed to investigate Krakow, which is – in my opinion- one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. We also visited the (in)famous site of Auschwitz. It’s hard to find the right words to describe the experience – it’s quite a dark place but it also is interesting (altough ‘interesting’ isn’t the right word in this context, but I can’t find anything better).

I truly belief that everybody should go there once, it’s an eye-opener. For me, it could best be described by the words that were printed on one of the cellblocks during the tour: “The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again (George Santayana)“.

And now back to some jBPM coding … the 4.2 release is getting close!


  1. Rex Sheridan October 19, 2009

    The slides seem corrupted. Strange garbage characters are all over the place where text should be.

  2. Joram Barrez October 20, 2009

    Rex, thanks for letting me know! Something was indeed scrambled along the line.

    I’ve replaced the pdf with a slideshare version. For some reason it has thrown away the indentation at certain pages … but you can already get the general idea until I get that fixed.

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