Devoxx 2009 slides and pictures

Two weeks ago, you could already read here that jBPM would be well represented on the Java conference of Europe, Devoxx. And it simply was a blast. As an open-source developer, there is nothing more rewarding than talking with the end-users that employ our software for their day-to-day jobs. We’ve received tons of feedback, use cases and appreciation to keep us goind until next year!

University session & BOF

Our adventure started out Monday morning, where Tom and I were scheduled for a University session of 3 hours.

The presentation went smooth, lots of people in the room (I’m guessing 250-300, including some very heavy jBPM addicts) and the Demo Gods also named Murphy didn’t intervene during the live demo. In my opinion, this was one of my best talks of jBPM ever, certainly content-wise. If you’re starting out with jBPM, there is in my opinion no better introduction than this talk. So do check out Parleys to see the whole talk (currently non-free).

Guerilla marketing before the talk

Tom in action (picture by Devoxx team)

University session slides

You can find the slides of the University session on Slideshare:


Later that day, we were also scheduled for a BOF. Some interesting topics were touched, including ‘graphical vs xml’ modeling. Many thanks to our Greek friend Paris are due here, he really was able to spark the discussion with his statements (still get the laughs when I think about his discussion with Pete Muir about Seam during the BOF). He was able to join us for a drink afterwards, and we learned that he was actually using jBPM in a big high-demanding project. Interesting fellow.

Tom @ BOF

Conference session

The conference session was basically a slimmed-down version of the uni talk. The main difference was that we now used the Train Ticket demo and that Tom was now giving live demos (different one from the uni talk). Of course, the Demo Gods did intervene and made Tom’s laptop freeze. Luckily he managed to get everything up and running before it was his time to speak…. but I can tell you: I was sweating it while doing the intro talking 😉 Luckily it wasn’t really showing, as you can see on the picture:

Me in action (picture by the Devoxx team)

Me in action (picture by Devoxx team)

You can find the slide again on Slideshare:

See you next year!

I’ve attented Devoxx for the last three years, but this one was really special due to the fact I was now attending as a speaker. Many thanks to the Devoxx team for scheduling three jBPM sessions, and of course many thanks to Tom for letting me co-present with him.

Of course, this limited post does no justice to the week we spent at Devoxx. I saw some really cool stuff (eg. project Arquillian), networked with tons of interesting people, talked with dozens of jBPM users and generally was only home after midnight 🙂 Can’t wait until next year!

If you want to see more pictures, take a look at those taken by Eric Schabell. In a couple of them, Tom and me are also popping up. Imo, the best one is the JBoss booth shot when we were handing out free beer 😉

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