Maven and Activiti users: repository url has changed!

If you are an Activiti and maven user, this will most definitely concern you.

As of this morning, the Powers That Be have decided to upgrade our maven repository. As such, the old url (which¬†apparently¬†was an internal url not meant to be spread…) will not work anymore. You now have to use the following url for the repository:





    <url> </url>



Sorry for the incovience.

More info/comments: see the post on the Activiti forum.


  1. Anshuman Purohit September 22, 2012

    I am not able to proxy to this repo from my internal nexus. Does this repo need a client certificate? If yes, will a self signed certificate work?


  2. Joram September 24, 2012

    How do you set up your proxy? I’m not an expert on Nexus, so I did some quick googling … maybe it is this:

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