‘Activiti in Action’ book by Tijs Rademakers is out!

Activiti-enthousiast all over the globe: rejoice! 

After many months of hard work, my colleague and fellow Activiti core developer Tijs Rademakers has finished his Magnum Opus: the book ‘Activiti in Action, executable business processes in BPMN 2.0’ is out!

Check the website of Manning to buy the ebook or the print version. Or both. Because I can personally guarantee you that it is worth every single cent. I’ve been proof-reading the book since the very beginning, and I’ve witnessed the book growing into a book of which there are very few of this level of quality. Very clearly written, with great example code everywhere, this book will make you an Activiti master.

I’m also very grateful that Tijs ought me capable of writing a foreword of the book. So I’m going to paste an excerpt of my full foreword here, because it is exactly my opinion on the book:

‘Tijs does an outstanding job of covering every facet of Activiti in great detail, and I’m excited and thankful that he put so much time into this book project. Software and open source frameworks in general rise or fall with the available documentation, and it’s my belief that this is a superb book that provides much-needed, detailed information. There currently is no better source of knowledge on Activiti and BPMN 2.0. Period.’

Here’s the link again. Don’t hesitate 😉

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