Webinar ‘Process Driven Spring Applications with Activiti’ now on Youtube

As I mentioned, I did a webinar on Spring Boot + Activiti last week (at 6 am …. yes, it hurt) with my good pal Josh Long.

If you missed it, or want to see the awesomeness again, here’s the recording:


On a similar note, the webinar that Josh did before this one, on Spring Boot / Spring Cloud is *really* awesome. All this micro-service architecture stuff suddenly made a lot of sense and all the pieces of the puzzle fell together by watching this webinar. Go check it out (after the Activiti webinar, obviously ;-)), it’s well worth your time.


  1. […] API urls 不能修改,所以所有的 REST 客户端都可以继续运行。更多内容请看: http://www.jorambarrez.be/blog/2014/09/29/webinar-on-youtube/ 。Activiti 5.16.4 现已提供在 Maven 库,也提供在下载页面和 Activiti Github […]

  2. Boris Tarasov November 1, 2014

    Maybe there is a possibility to add completed project example on github or attach to the blog post?

  3. Joram Barrez November 3, 2014

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