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I hardly post link to other blogs here, but I felt that this deserved more attention than a regular tweet:

Future of Programming – Rise of the Scientific Programmer (and fall of the craftsman)

Many of the ideas written there resonate very well with me and are similar to what I’ve been pondering about and saying┬árecently.

We’re spending our time bickering about frameworks and cool development things and we hardly spent time with what we could do with the (huge amount of) data our software produces and how it could be used to improve the day to day work of people.

Some nice quotes from the article:

 I think TDD and agile has given us a safety net that as a tightrope walker, instead of focusing on our walking technique, we improve the safety net. As long as we do the motions, we are safe. Unit tests, coverage, planning poker, retrospective, definition of done, Story, task, creating tickets, moving tickets. How many bad programmers have you seen that are masters of agile?

We got to grow up and go back to school, relearn all about Maths, statistics, and generally scientific reasoning. We need to man up and re-learn that being a good coder has nothing to do with the number of stickers you have at the back of your Mac.

Food for thought.

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