Activiti : Looking Back At 2014

Our general manager (aka “my boss”), Paul Holmes-Higgin has noted down his thoughts about the past year about Activiti.

You can read it here : Alfresco Activiti Shakes BPM World

Adding my own personal thoughts: 2014 was awesome! We did *a lot* of work on Activiti. Countless of hours spent brainstorming and hacking away … but it was worth it. I’m really, really proud of what we’ve done and what we’re doing. I’m really proud when I see what Activiti users and customers all around the globe are doing with the stuff we come up with. And we get to see some really awesome stuff too.

And there is no way we’re slowing down. 2015 is going to be huge. We’ve got some really cool things in the pipeline. Watch my blog for more news about some of it soon …

All the best for 2015!



  1. Josh January 13, 2015

    Cool beans. Looking forward to it!
    Any thoughts on graph db support?

  2. Anonymous January 13, 2015

    Thank you for your work

  3. Joram Barrez January 13, 2015

    @Josh: graph db support is something that is always lingering in my mind ( It’s just hard to find time with all the other stuff going on … but thanks for prodding my mind again about it 😉

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