Launching Activiti version 6 in Paris (June 10th)!

The Activiti engine was born five years ago and started with version 5.0 (a cheeky reference to the jBPM past). In those five years we’ve seen Activiti grow beyond our wildest dreams. It is used all across the globe in all kinds of cool companies.


The last couple of months we’ve been working very hard at the next evolution of the Activiti engine. The core engine is undergoing a huge refactoring and we’ve got plenty of cool new stuff enabled by these changes up our sleeves. So after five years of version 5, we believe it is time for Activiti version 6!

We’re currently working on having all unit tests we have to run green on the Activiti 6 engine (almost there!). And yes, because that question will come first thing in the comments anyway, version 6 is fully compatible with version 5 (database schema, API’s, concepts, etc.).

We’re launching the new engine and unfolding all the core changes and plans at our Activiti Community Day in Paris (10th of June – only three weeks away). So let me repeat what I said in my previous postIf you are working with Activiti today, you don’t want to miss it. If you plan to use Activiti, you don’t want to miss it. It will be a major milestone and you will have the opportunity to witness it from the front line and influence it.

Attending the Community Day is easy, it’s completely free and you just need to register here: Places are limited, so be quick!

Hope to see you there! And looking forward to show all the Activiti 6 sweetness!


  1. Mario May 22, 2015

    The event will have live broadcast for remote users?

  2. Joram Barrez May 22, 2015

    @Mario: no we won’t have live broadcast, but most of the sessions will be recorded and put online shortly after.

  3. Mario May 22, 2015

    Great news, thanks!

  4. Ravi June 6, 2015

    Great, looking forward to it.

  5. Adam June 11, 2015

    I hope you had all great time yesterday and looking at all tweets it seems that this event was a big success. Now when the official launch is done, could you please reveal on your website what can be expected from 6.0? Or best if you could share this version with everybody?

  6. Joram Barrez June 11, 2015

    @Adam: it was surely an awesome day yesterday!

    The session was filmed, we hope to have it online quickly. I’ll upload the slides soon too (but many of the slides really need the explanations we gave during the session).

    We also will do a webinar soon, and start putting out blogs and guides!

  7. Adam June 12, 2015

    Thanks Joram. And when 6.0 will be ready for download on

  8. Joram Barrez June 12, 2015

    @Adam: we want to launch the first zip download with the new AngularJS UI. That is a couple of weeks away.
    However, there is an alpha version of the 6.0.0 engine on the SNAPSHOT repository which you can always give a spin.
    As said above, the next weeks we’ll make sure to get a stream of information going. Still a lot to do of course!

  9. Adam June 12, 2015

    Thanks Joram for all details. How can I access snapshot repository?

    I think that also broad community of Activiti users would highly benefit from a brief summary of what 6.0 will bring.

  10. Joram Barrez June 12, 2015
  11. Joram Barrez June 12, 2015

    > I think that also broad community of Activiti users would highly benefit from a brief summary of what 6.0 will bring.

    I know. That will come. The next coming days we first focus on catching with the 33 Pull requests we have ignored in the last couple of weeks 😉

  12. Viggo July 5, 2015

    Any news on the Activiti 6 download (with AngularJS Ui)? Would love to give it a spin during my summer vacation:)

  13. Joram Barrez July 6, 2015

    @Viggo: we hope to have something downloadable this month, if all goes well.

  14. Viggo July 29, 2015

    Thanks for the update Joram 🙂 Are the bits and bytes far from being shippable now? 🙂

  15. Joram Barrez July 31, 2015

    No sadly not. The 5.18 release is almost ready to go. But the 6 release will be for the end of August probably. Too many last minutes thing that came in between 🙁

  16. czar August 12, 2015

    Any update on release of the angular JS UI. Is it available anywhere to start having a look? Cheers 🙂

  17. Joram Barrez August 15, 2015

    @czar: it will be together with the 6 beta release, end of this month.

  18. jz November 1, 2015

    @Joram: Any updates on when Activiti 6 (non beta) will be released?

  19. Joram November 6, 2015

    jz: when it’s done 😉 It could be released now, all is stable and equal to 5. But we want to add more to it before calling it final.

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