Activiti 6 Launch Recordings online

The Activiti Community Day in Paris last week was a blast. The venue, the talks, the attendees … all were top notch.

For the people that weren’t able to attend this time (I’m sure you had good excuses … right?),┬ádon’t worry. We’ve recorded most of the sessions (and the slides are already online a couple of days).┬áThe first batch of recordings, those about Activiti 6, are ready and on Youtube.

The rest of the sessions will follow in the next couple of days.

Launching Activiti 6 slides and recording:

This presentations goes into what Activiti v6 is, what the changes are and why we slap a 6 sticker on it.

Launching Activiti v6 (Activiti Community Day Paris 2015) from Joram Barrez

Activiti 6 UI slides and recording:

V6 will be shipped with a new UI. This presentation shows it live in action, running against the v6 engine.

Activiti v6 UI (Activiti Community Day Paris 2015) from Joram Barrez

Activiti 6 Q&A

The questions after our presentations. You can clearly see how much more relaxed we are after the two presentations beforehand all went very well :-).

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