Activiti Community Meetup Antwerp – March 2nd 2016 !

It’s been way too long ago we’ve had an Activiti meetup in Belgium (which is where I live, so there is no excuse really). Over a lunch with my good friend Yannick Spillemaeckers, we decided to rectify that.

So I’m proud to announce we’ll be having a meetup March 2nd 2016 in Antwerp! You can find all information about the event here:¬†

Please do register on that Eventbrite page, seats are limited and full is really full! We’ve gone for an evening event, so that people can join after work hours and enjoy and evening of talking about Activiti with like-minded peers (a¬†version 6 presentation by yours truly, amongst others). And of course, attending it is completely free.

For now (see the Eventbrite page), we have two sessions, but we’re still in planning mode. Check the page in the near future for updates …but do reserve your seat today! First come, first serve.

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