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Installing GWT development plugin in Firefox 8/9

Update 16/01/2012: The explanation below was for Firefox 8. In the meantime, Mozilla updated FF to version 9, and invalidated the plugin. Luckily someone compiled a new version for FF9, which I uploaded to my webspace: The description below is still valid for this plugin.


I’ve been looking to get the GWT development plugin working on Firefox ever since I started my fiddling with GWT. Through various sources, I learned that dev mode in Firefox is much faster compared to Chrome. However, due to the crazy upgrade schedule of Firefox (a new version every six weeks), the GWT development plugin hasn’t been working on Firefox since version 6. Which meant we were condemned to use Chrome until the GWT dev mode add-on for Firefox was updated.

Good news everyone!

This morning while Googling to see if there was a fix already, I found a discussion by some of the GWT developers.

In that discussion, there is a link to a ‘trunk-build’ of the dev mode plugin for Firefox 8: I’ve also uploaded the file to my webspace, if it should be down for some reason:

Simply select ‘install from local file’ in the add-on management view, and you’re good to go. I tested this on a Macbook Pro, Firefox 8.01, and it works like a charm here. Dev mode in FF is way more faster compared to Chrome. Plus, I can now use my beloved web developer add-on and FireBug!

Firefox auto-upgrade

To avoid that this setup is broken again in six weeks, be sure to set Firefox auto-upgrade to non-automatic (Preferences -> Advanced->Update). A screeshot (in Dutch, sorry) is below.

Hopefully the GWT dev plugin team finds a workaround for the Firefox upgrades soon!