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The obligatory Hello World

Nothing is more difficult than choosing what to talk about in the first post of a blog. First impressions are made so fast in this world of paperless knowledge, that a task with such importance can be as daunting as jumping into the water without tipping your toes first.

So, I’m going to play safe: I’m going to write a ‘Hello World’ post.

As with any Hello World it merely shows that I can let the system show what I tell it to show. But at this point, there is no real content, nothing meaningfull behind the keyboard input…

So … hello, world ! World, if you need some more information about myself, please click the ‘about me’ link left of the screen. I know, the link doesn’t work at the moment, but it will be fixed soon. I will use this blog to share my experiences along the road toward my ‘Software Nirvana’.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Nirvana’ describes the perfect peace of the mind that is free from craving, anger and other afflictive states. The journey towards a software engineering nirvana may be never-ending and isn’t well-defined, but I believe (and with me many fellow developers) it is worth the trouble.

To finish up this first post, I will explain the blog’s subtitle ‘small steps with big feet’ summarized in 3 points, since some folks already questioned me about it:

  • The journey towards ‘software perfection’ is one of taking small steps at a time. Having big feet and taking those small steps is not easy ( = creating software is not easy). By no means this blog will contain the path to enlightment (= perfect software), but it will contain some stories about what I do and try to become a better developer.
  • I simply have big feet (it’s true), but venturing through the software world requires me to take small steps.
  • I needed at least one absurd quote on my blog.

So, if you made it this far, thanks for reading. More will follow soon.