All Activiti Community Day 2015 Online

As promised in my previous post, here are the recordings of the talks done by our awesome Community people.

The order below is the order at which they were planned in the agenda (no favouritism!). Sadly, the camera battery died during the recording of the talks before lunch. As such, the talks of Yannick Spillemaeckers (University of Ghent) and Elmar Weber (Cupenya) were not usable :-(. Their slides can be found online though:

Here are the recordings of the talks. The slides can be found here.

Business Process Automation at CERN with Activiti, by João Silva

Process testing, debugging and prediction, by Martin Grofčík

Index Activiti Data on Elasticsearch, bySilvio Neta and Mike Dias

Activiti 6 Launch Recordings online

The Activiti Community Day in Paris last week was a blast. The venue, the talks, the attendees … all were top notch.

For the people that weren’t able to attend this time (I’m sure you had good excuses … right?), don’t worry. We’ve recorded most of the sessions (and the slides are already online a couple of days). The first batch of recordings, those about Activiti 6, are ready and on Youtube.

The rest of the sessions will follow in the next couple of days.

Launching Activiti 6 slides and recording:

This presentations goes into what Activiti v6 is, what the changes are and why we slap a 6 sticker on it.

Activiti 6 UI slides and recording:

V6 will be shipped with a new UI. This presentation shows it live in action, running against the v6 engine.

Activiti 6 Q&A

The questions after our presentations. You can clearly see how much more relaxed we are after the two presentations beforehand all went very well :-).

Launching Activiti version 6 in Paris (June 10th)!

The Activiti engine was born five years ago and started with version 5.0 (a cheeky reference to the jBPM past). In those five years we’ve seen Activiti grow beyond our wildest dreams. It is used all across the globe in all kinds of cool companies.


The last couple of months we’ve been working very hard at the next evolution of the Activiti engine. The core engine is undergoing a huge refactoring and we’ve got plenty of cool new stuff enabled by these changes up our sleeves. So after five years of version 5, we believe it is time for Activiti version 6!

We’re currently working on having all unit tests we have to run green on the Activiti 6 engine (almost there!). And yes, because that question will come first thing in the comments anyway, version 6 is fully compatible with version 5 (database schema, API’s, concepts, etc.).

We’re launching the new engine and unfolding all the core changes and plans at our Activiti Community Day in Paris (10th of June – only three weeks away). So let me repeat what I said in my previous postIf you are working with Activiti today, you don’t want to miss it. If you plan to use Activiti, you don’t want to miss it. It will be a major milestone and you will have the opportunity to witness it from the front line and influence it.

Attending the Community Day is easy, it’s completely free and you just need to register here: Places are limited, so be quick!

Hope to see you there! And looking forward to show all the Activiti 6 sweetness!

Registration for Activiti Community Day (June 10th, Paris) is OPEN!

As I wrote two days ago, we are organising an Activiti Community Day, 10th of June in Paris. In case you missed that post, read all about it here.

I’m very happy to announce that the registration is now live for this awesome event: . So register quickly and make sure your spot is reserved!


Block your agenda: Activiti Community Day, 10th of June in Paris!


It’s been a while since the last one, but now it’s back (and how!): the Activiti Community Day!

And it’s going to be a Community Day that will go in the history books: not only have we arranged a superb location right in the heart of Paris (with a panoramic view over the city), we also have huge news which we will announce at the event. Activiti is now five years old, and it has grown more than we ever anticipated and it is used all over the globe in all kinds of industries and ways beyond our imagination. In those five years, we’ve learned a ton of how people use Activiti and how they want to use it going forward. So, in the past months, we’ve been working hard at the next evolution of the core Activiti Engine. And what better place to announce and show it than on the Activiti Community Day?

Do I hear mumbling of Activiti v6? No Comment. 😉

And if that wasn’t enough already, we’re currently lining up some top-notch speakers with real-life Activiti experience in very interesting environments. More about that soon once we have further fleshed out the agenda.


If you are working with Activiti today, you don’t want to miss it. If you plan to use Activiti, you don’t want to miss it. It will be a major milestone and you will have the opportunity to witness it from the front line and influence it. We don’t just plan to show it, we plan to really discuss the roadmap and ideas for the very future of Activiti! 

Oh yeah, did I already mention it’s completely free? No entrance fee thanks to sponsoring from Alfresco!

So block your agenda and arrange your travel:

10th of June 2015, Espace Montmartre : 5, rue Saint Eleuthère 75018 Paris (very close to the Sacré-Cœur basilique)

Details of the venue: When there’s a registration page live, I’ll post a new blog.

Interested in doing a talk during the Community Day? Do reach out to us (here below this post, on twitter, email, …)! We still have a couple of slots open!

Interview about Activiti on Software Engineering Radio

My good friend Josh Long did an interview with me about Activiti and Business Process Management in general. I must admit, I was quite nervous before the recording, as I had never done a podcast before (note : the editors at SE radio did a really great job 😉 ).

Here’s the link:

All feedback, as always, much appreciated!

Getting started with Activiti and Spring Boot published on The Spring Blog!

My article “Getting started with Activiti and Spring Boot” has been published today on The Spring Blog:

It fills me with great pride to be published there. I’ve been a fan of Spring for many years and believe that it houses many of the awesome developers in current Java-land. Anyway, please give the article a read and if you have any remarks/questions/whatever please add it on the article there, not here.

Activiti : Looking Back At 2014

Our general manager (aka “my boss”), Paul Holmes-Higgin has noted down his thoughts about the past year about Activiti.

You can read it here : Alfresco Activiti Shakes BPM World

Adding my own personal thoughts: 2014 was awesome! We did *a lot* of work on Activiti. Countless of hours spent brainstorming and hacking away … but it was worth it. I’m really, really proud of what we’ve done and what we’re doing. I’m really proud when I see what Activiti users and customers all around the globe are doing with the stuff we come up with. And we get to see some really awesome stuff too.

And there is no way we’re slowing down. 2015 is going to be huge. We’ve got some really cool things in the pipeline. Watch my blog for more news about some of it soon …

All the best for 2015!


Well worth reading

I hardly post link to other blogs here, but I felt that this deserved more attention than a regular tweet:

Future of Programming – Rise of the Scientific Programmer (and fall of the craftsman)

Many of the ideas written there resonate very well with me and are similar to what I’ve been pondering about and saying recently.

We’re spending our time bickering about frameworks and cool development things and we hardly spent time with what we could do with the (huge amount of) data our software produces and how it could be used to improve the day to day work of people.

Some nice quotes from the article:

 I think TDD and agile has given us a safety net that as a tightrope walker, instead of focusing on our walking technique, we improve the safety net. As long as we do the motions, we are safe. Unit tests, coverage, planning poker, retrospective, definition of done, Story, task, creating tickets, moving tickets. How many bad programmers have you seen that are masters of agile?

We got to grow up and go back to school, relearn all about Maths, statistics, and generally scientific reasoning. We need to man up and re-learn that being a good coder has nothing to do with the number of stickers you have at the back of your Mac.

Food for thought.

Activiti + Spring Boot docs and example

With the Activiti 5.17.0 release going out any minute now, one of the things we did was writing down documentation on how to use this release together with Spring Boot. If you missed it, me and my Spring friend Josh Long did a webinar a while ago about this.

You can find the new docs already on github master (scroll down to ‘Spring Boot’ section): You can also see we switched to Asciidoc for our docs a couple of weeks ago. And GitHub renders that natively, which is awesome.

While I was writing the documentation, I created a sample application to verify all the stuff in there actually works.  You can find that example here: It has tags for each of the steps (which match the steps in the docs). So to start, checkout tag step-1 and so forth.

This is the first ‘official’ release of the integration (it was in snapshot versions before), so do give it a spin and let us know what you think about it!