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Cool new features in Activiti Designer

Tijs Rademakers (already 2 months full-time Activiti team member now … time sure flies!) posted on his blog an overview of some new features in the latest Activiti Eclipse Designer release. All features are demonstrated with a short movie, so it’s all very digestable :-).

I’m a huuuuuge fan of the quick edit feaure! This is really a productivity booster.

The curtains are pulled: Alfresco launches Activiti


After some weeks of silence, we can now finally pull the curtains … and reveal Activiti to the world!

Activiti is a super-fast and rock-solid BPM and workflow engine that natively runs BPMN 2.0. It’s completely open-source (Apache licence) and embeddable in any Java environment.

Tom and I joined Alfresco about two months ago, and we’ve kept ourselves quite busy. Bundled with this announcement is the first alpha release of Activiti. Go and play with it while it’s hot!

Activiti is all about what made jBPM great, and taking giant leaps from there. Tom nicely summarizes it in his blogpost. A lot more information can be found on the Activiti website.

Official Alfresco press release: click here.