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jBPM Community Day 2009 retrospective

Last Friday, the second edition of the jBPM Community Day was held in Antwerp, Belgium. In my opinion, the event was a great succes and I sincerely hope that the tradition will be continued next years.

If you weren’t able to attend the event (for which you should have a really, really good reason ;-),  you can read some impresions from other people who beat me to write about it:

I also gave a tech demo/presentation about jBPM4 and how the new API can be used to do BPM stuff really easily. The demo is about the business process behind a parking meter. Using my cellphone through bluetooth I showed how I could send a message to my parking meter on my laptop, which triggerd the start or continuation of the business process. Oh yeah, bluetooth is a hell to work with … I think the people in the audience got this message 😉

For more information, take a look at the slides:

Presentation jBPM Community Day 2009 – First steps with jBPM4

View more presentations from jorambarrez.

Some screenshots of the application (which isn’t nearly as cool as doing the demo with my cellphone in live 😉 and the (simple) BI console can be found at:

To prove that I’m really triggering my processes through bluetooth, I took this video (with my old cellphone). The quality isn’t that good, but you’ll get a taste of what the real life demo was all about:

The source code of the demo, the HSQLDB database and the cellphone app can be downloaded here. Please keep in mind that the code is for a demo, it shouldn’t be used in production systems. Perhaps if I get enough requests, I’ll tidy the code up. Also, probably it’ll only will work on Windows (due to bluetooth DLL’s) … you can still use the failsafe console though.