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DBCP vs c3p0 vs BoneCP

This weekend, I was running some simple benchmarks for Activiti, when one of my threaded benchmarks using the Activiti engine within Spring consistently hanged until forever (or at least 30 minutes, when I killed it). After some googling, I discovered that this could be due to DBCP not releasing connections. And indeed, when switching to c3p0 for connection pooling the issue was resolved and the benchmark ran fine.

In one of the stackoverflow articles I found, mentioned a new connection pool framework, called BoneCP. The license (Apache) and the benchmarks on the website looked good. I did think for myself ‘how much can you improve something trivial as a connection pool’, but decided to give it a go. And sure enough, all my benchmark results came back a little faster compared to c3p0! And on a side-note, the c3p0 results came back a little faster than the dbcp ones.

Anyway, I have no clue if BoneCP is anything production ready (the website claims it does), but a quick questionnaire learned me virtually nobody knew about this library. Hence, I’m happy to educate my readers 🙂

If you have any experiences with BoneCP, feel free to share them!