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BPMN 2.0 process modeling on the iPad

In the past years, I’ve seen my fair share of meetings where were we needed to draw business processes … ad-hoc or working on existing models. Poster-sized paper, whiteboards, beer coasters, … I’ve used it all. I can tell quite some hilarious stories about those meetings … but that’s probably content for another post. Main thing is: in 2010, this is just not the way anymore the game is played.

The Activiti BPM suite ships out-of-the-box with a cool webbased modeling tool, which allows anybody to collaborate from anywhere on their business processes. This modeling tool is donated to  Activiti by our friends at Signavio.

And today, they’ve pushed out iPad support for their process modeling tool. This is just way too cool if you think about it. Discuss, model and collaborate on processes from basically everywhere you are – with decent graphics and all stored on the server. Gone are the ‘quirks’ attached to using ancient ‘technologies’ such as losing the paper, wet beer coaster, unreadable scribbling, etc.

Check it out in this video from the Signavio team itself.

And now I *really* want an iPad….