Activiti 6.0.0.Beta2 released

Just in time for Christmas, the second beta of Activiti v6 is released! You can get it through the usual channels: the website or through Maven.

This release is mainly a ‘refactoring-release’ that prepares the code for all the nifty future stuff: low in new features, but the internal kitchen has seen some major changes since beta1.

In the new year, ‘v6 specific features’ will be added, that will show off the huge refactoring work from v5 to v6 and make the upgrade worth the while. Version 6 is already feature-par with v5 (and as stable as v5). A focus will also be performance: especially the simple cases probably are a tad slower now(due to the richer execution tree, which means a few more row inserts), but likewise some complex examples are now simpler and more performant (due to the smarter execution tree).

Here’s the release highlights:

  • Refactored the persistence logic of the engine, making the persistence layer completely pluggable! Read more about it here.
  • Refactored the BpmnDeployer class and related logic to allow for easier pluggability/extensibility.
  • Refactored the internal execution tree structure when using multi instance behavior: there will now always be one execution to demarcate the ‘scope’ of the multi instance. This opens up future use cases (storing variables on that scope only, terminating only one instance or all, etc.)
  • Extended the ‘terminate all event’ behaviour to cover more use cases and be fully consistent with the BPMN spec. Also,
  • Added the DynamicBpmnService. Read more about it here.
  • Various and many small bugfixes all around.

Merry Christmas to all!



  1. yuan January 5, 2016

    When the GA release version will out?

  2. yuan January 5, 2016

    I want to create a new project and i want to use v6 as bpm engine of my project.

  3. Joram Barrez January 5, 2016

    @yuan: when it’s ‘done’ 😉 We have no hard deadlines. but hope to have it final within a few months from now. I’ll post a roadmap plan soon.

  4. yuan January 6, 2016

    I want to use v6 as my new project bpm engine, I don’t know how about its architecture change from now and I also want to contribute some code with you along with my new project development.

  5. Joram Barrez January 6, 2016

    Using v6 is completely the same as v5. Architecturally, nothing has changed. Only the very core of the engine has undergone a serious transformation, but as a user there is no difference.

  6. Ed January 8, 2016

    Any chance Activiti 6 will see an implementation in Javascript?

  7. Joram Barrez January 8, 2016

    @Ed: not any time soon, no 😉

    Of course, you can use the REST api from JS. What would be your main use case for doing it all in javascript?

  8. Ed January 9, 2016

    dream land use case: Activiti running on Element as a shepherd to Atom sessions, or really anything running on nodejs. I guess one could also want Activiti in a Go implementation with the idea being to compress the functionality into a singular runtime containerization.

    I guess I’m projecting Activiti functionality independently from the underlying language – as if the deployed loci could drive the language, like in a DC with lots of logging one would use java, but deployed in a browser loci it would be done in JS or a stateless container deployment done on Go. The stretch case would be Activiti on a Bluetooth beacon(ie: Eddystone) – more of a tuck case…. 😉 of course I’ve got these Yubikeys and they are running (a very small) java – so maybe there isn’t any problem

    I guess I’m thinking about a portable Activiti state machine… um, REST is good – Happy New year

  9. Joram Barrez January 12, 2016

    Ed: thanks for sharing that … that would also be my dream world (if we’d have infinite resources at our disposal)!

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